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A deceptively charming heel. This kind of person has no real morals to speak of although he does know right from wrong, he just chooses the latter. He will say anything to get what he wants and feels no remorse at the deception. He gets off on getting you to fall for him due to many, many inadequacies as a man. He will lead you to believe he’s a great person who’s really into you but is really only using you out of boredom. He’s a pathologicalliar and will say whatever he needs to to keep you hanging on.
“He’s a total Derek, a player. Watch out for him! Typical Air Force guy just being a guy."
by ndngirl April 23, 2011
Derek's can not be trusted. They are notorious for lying, cheating and hurting anyone who is foolish enough to care.
I've been Dereked.
by Regrettably July 05, 2011
A hipster.
Dude: Hey, did you hear about Derek? I heard he is a pseudo intellectual, cigarette smoking, skinny jean wearing, English major dropout, who will take sad pictures in black and white and get that coffee for you for just over minimum wage!

Dudette: Oh, you mean a Hipster.
by averagemeanofmeans April 15, 2011
A musco boi who du duh deep frie for duh $2.95, free devrivery onry on tuisdauy (erryday is duh tuisdauy!)
Duh ferrow ashian: Herrow sur, are yous duh Derek?

Derek: Yus sur, I deep frie for duh $2.95! Drasgon devrivery fvree onry on duh Tuesday (erryday is duh tuesday!)
by Herrow Sur September 11, 2010
A Guy who is super sweet and used to ride a Ski Doo MXZ<3 Someone who i probably shouldn't have let get away. Real Carl?
You're such a buttercup, Derek!
by bttercup February 04, 2010
Used when a person has messed something up or did something embarrassing.
Mate, you've had an absolute derek!" Or: "I've had a derek crookley
by TJB_147 January 10, 2011
An obese man who;

1. secretly wants to learn how to pole dance.
2. says LAWL all the time.
3. crys in corners and eats sunblock and mosquito repellent when feels sad.
4. is retarded, derderder.
It that derek? He's so derderder!

Oh look derek is in the corner eating sunblock again.
by derderderderderderderderder December 04, 2010