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2 definitions by Barnguy

An amazing person who is sweet, caring, truthful, and loyal; he's the type of guy you can't stop thinking about. His eyes and reserved smile will lure you in and steal your heart. He's creative, unique, fun, a major sweetheart, kind-hearted, and quite the catch. He's someone you'll never want to lose once he's in your life.

Pairs best with a Beth or a Mandy.
Did you see Derek yesterday? Talk about breathtaking.

"I can't get him off my mind." "Oh, you must be talking about Derek."
by Barnguy November 17, 2012
The false perception that a hat is still on your head even though it was recently removed. Typically occurs after having hat in place for extended periods of several hours or more. The perception is often strong enough that you may reach to remove or adjust the hat even though it is no longer there.
At dinner, after the game, the starting pitcher experienced repeated moments of hatsation as he reached for a baseball cap that was not there.
by Barnguy November 17, 2012