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amazing little pizza motherfuckers that you can eat whenever the hell you want. even if you motherfuckingmother wont let you.
dayummmm i want me some pizza rolls.
by bobbayyy May 20, 2008
1) A delicious snack made by Totinos, they are exactly what you would think they are, pizza in roll form.

2) The coveted and favorite snack of reviewer/ serial killer Harry S. Plinkett
E-Mail me if you want some pizza rolls.
by lonnyandcarl January 08, 2011
A pizza roll is a bunch of something that i'm not sure of rolled into a little roll. And as soon as you bite into those little fuckers it bursts out the other end, so you have to stuff the whole thing in your mouth. Only to realize its like a mouthful of lava! Pizza-y, yummy lava! ...... but that doesnt mean it doesnt burn like shit
"hey man, I'm going to go make some Totinos Pizza Rolls"

"bring me something cold to drink bro, those things are fuckin hot! ... little shits"
by pseudonym01258912947125094 January 02, 2009
A relationship built out of convenience rather than actual affection.

A guy's roommate is dating some girl, and she keeps bringing her friend over, so he and the friend hook up. He doesn't really like her, but she's always just around, so what the hell.

Compared to, if you wake up the morning and you want to eat something really good or healthy, but you find out there's a plate of pizza rolls left in the microwave for you, you sort've give up on the effort of something you want and just eat the crap, because it's convenient and there.
Oh, they're not dating. She just always shows up. That bitch is just pizza rolls to him.
by Captain Temerity March 09, 2011
something you always want to eat and never want to stop eating it
Hey give me all the pizza rolls now
by Jamie Dobb December 22, 2015
1. A dance move preformed by the obese or over weight.

2. What you shout at a fat person dancing.

Pizza Roll - Shouted at a fat person dancing "Pi-zza Roll!"

Ugh this fat guy was all over me at the club, like I wanted to see him Pizza Roll.
by Lloydx0x0x0x March 04, 2009
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