Someone who like to play chicken with cars, but ends up getting dusted by them in the end.
Derek don't jay walk!... ahh Fuck.
by Bob12345h April 27, 2012
Someone who always blows Off plans with other people because he "forgot" or "made other plans several weeks before we made plans"
1 "hey dude. You wanna chill on Saturday"
2 "sure."
1 (later that week)"aye you still down to chill on Saturday and what time"
2 "yea if I don't go to my friends house that day"
1 "what the fuck Derek"
2 "I made plans with him like 2 weeks before" or "I forgot about our plans. He's on his way to my house rite now so I can't tell him I made plans with you first"
by 420skater December 31, 2011
Derek–noun; An unresistable sexy asian kid. He makes bitches go insane.
Girl 1: Omg! Its Derek!!
Girl 2: OMG He looked at me!!!!!!! *Faints*
by DerekIsAnAsain(: March 30, 2011
To be cute like a baby, but a sexy beast at the same time.
Chick: Oh he is sooooo cute.
Dude: No he's Sexey
Superman: I'd do him, he is such a Derek.
Chick: You know it.
by CaptainCareBear December 31, 2011
Derek: a person, who although great and funny to laugh at, will NEVER be the funny one.
Sean: Oh Derek? Yeah he's great! Unfortunately he will never be the funny one!

Bryan: Yeah Sean is right Derek will never be the funny one!

Dan: Why?

Sean: just the way it is... He'll never be the funny one
by Iamdanomara January 03, 2012
player, sexy, a tease, good rapper, colbylover, mexican, funny, hellla body, short, wrestles, only object of life is to get girls, gay, loves boobies, big dick.
gotta love that derek
by zebraprincess July 02, 2011
A cool kid that likes to do BMX, smack the booties of other dudes, and shit like that, hes funny but gay. Well...most likely. Hes got muscle but thats to either attract gay men or try to impress other guys with stunning chizzled abs somehow. He comes to school with scars on his leg or maybe his arm saying that its from riding his bike but its really from him asking his friend kyron to be kinky and whip him HARD. BUT, overall hes funny and has a good attitude and would make a real good friend. (besides his addiction to raspberry iced tea)
person 1: DANG did you see derek with all of those scars?

person 2: YESS!! him and kyron must of got really rough last night o.o
by Sheriff and his deputy February 14, 2012

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