A person who is a Harry/Hermione shipper. They are easily upset, have a limited sense of humour, and do not read particularly well. In their spare time, they like to look for overly used symbolism where none exists. This term was coined by a most wonderful webmaster.
TeenyBopper1892!!: i ship Harry/Hermione. There so kaute and SO canon!!!!1!!!
HeronShipper: A delusional has entered the room, folks.
by Tiffi October 16, 2005
Someone who is not thinking clearly, or thinks something will happen that, in all likelyhood, will not.
Delusional - Nicholas Bendtner believing he can play for Barcelona or Real Madrid.
by Brisko December 04, 2013
when someone (usually a woman) has a false or highly exaggerated opinion of themselves.
Lisa thinks she is a princess. She is in fact delusional
by Ronald McD February 10, 2012
Believing something to be true that is clearly not. Someone who is not thinking clearly. Used to describe someone attached to an idea which is obviously false.
Jon believes he is always right. He's delusional.
by youreajackass April 16, 2014
An individual who is given evidence or proof of an event or some doing. And still refusing to believe.
Gary is Delusional. He thinks what he thinks is right, yet he still lies, steals and cheats.
by TrueLanguage June 17, 2015
So far removed from reality that one fails to think and live in the real world.
You guys are delusional.
by PineappleJuice March 29, 2015
A psychotic IRC troll with anti social personality disorder, ie. a Sociopath. He has a very tiny penis and MASSIVE BALLS.
I can’t think of anything worse after a night of drinking than waking up next to someone not able to remember their name, how you met, or why they’re dead. I must be Delusional.
by Someone420 April 25, 2009

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