A state that benefits from sin. It is hard to find a strip mall that does not include a liquor store/bar, a cigarette outlet or a pizza place / Chinese restaurant. Delaware also had a monopoly on gambling in the Mid-Atlantic region. And Delaware's business laws favors businesses and bring corporate fees to the state.
What is there to do in Delaware? We can get hammered and gamble our money away.
by 12 Mile Circle December 13, 2010
Possibly the least known city in Ohio, despite its being the county seat, Delaware remains unknown even to many of the people who live in the state capital, Columbus (approx. 30 mi. S). Symptoms include immediate drop in IQ, moderate to severe befuddlement, a sudden urge to hang your pants around your knees, and constant depression due to the air of mediocrity and lack of desire to do anything about it.
Dude 1: Hey, some guy from a place called Delaware is gonna meet me in the food court! Will you mapquest it for me?

Dude 2: ... What the hell, man? I just used this thing, like, five minutes ago! What's going on?

Dude 1: Unlock your screen, dude. And what in the Lord's name are you doing with your pants???
by TE69420ETC December 03, 2010
northern delaware is the shit, slower lower delaware is a bunch of hicks. i don't like hicks very much.
size doesn't matter very much
by me April 13, 2005
(adj) acts tough but when shit actually happens, is a total pussy, as evidenced by Delaware's reaction to the East Coast snowstorms of 2010 and 2011.
I thought she was gonna beat me up, but she's totally delaware in a fight.
by The Alexanders January 27, 2011
1st state in the union, capital is Dover, largest city is Wilmington - otherwise knows as "Wilmington, so close to where you'd rather be..."
Delaware smells kinda funny...
by madravenpix January 01, 2009
The most boring state in America. Our representative in Congress didn't want to sign the Declaration of Independence, it has no culture, no history, and nothing of importance goes on here. The only good things are Wawa. And tax free shopping. That's it. Thank God we were the first state, otherwise we would only be known for.....nothing. THAT'S THE FREAKING POINT. There is NOTHING here. It's ALL a suburb, the highest point is lower than the lowest point in Colorado, we are at least three hours away from ANYTHING, you pay at least $20 in gas before you get ANYWHERE, and I've been wasting my life here!

Exactly. NO WHERE.
Oh, it's Saturday! What to do in DELAWARE? OH, I know! Let's go see where Macy's drops off it's damaged merchandise!! WOOO HOOO!!
by wetweis March 21, 2010
descriptive word for the state of Delaware, where nothing happens and we have a female governor that looks like a man
i live in Dullaware
by KGBspy February 02, 2004

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