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Largest city in Delaware, basically younger step-sibling to Philadelphia (about 15 minutes away) Philly people go to Wilmington to work and Wilmington people go to Philly for a good time...Home of large credit card companies and various other crap.
I know about life in Philly because I am from Wilmington. I just wish Wilmington was as fun as Philly.
by Dang March 13, 2005
Small state where every resident rolls their eyes when someone says "Dela-Where?" to try to be funny. Sometimes 'the Capital of Philadelphia', Dull-Aware and Hell-Aware, but still a decent state. Surrounded by Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Hickville South Jersey. Between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay/ Atlantic Ocean, and dammit, we know seafood. It may bore us sometimes, but it's not as bad as going to college in Amishville PA in a town where the college students make up more than 3/4 the population during the school year...
I like my school in Amishville, PA, but sometimes I really long for my home stateof Delaware.
by Dang March 13, 2005
sleeping bag
the good fart-sack is mine,you can have the world war one vintage bag its bear proof.
by dang May 08, 2003
Usually a greeting or hurry up, but can mean pretty much anything.. a bit like the lebanese version of oi.
yulla wots up?
we gotta be there in five, yulla!
by dang March 12, 2005
A drunk to lazy to clean the wrecked cars and junk off his property.
Jack lets swing by the junkards place and drop off that old ping pong table.
by dang May 08, 2003
A vegetable drink,blended in the blender usually cellery mixed w/blue berries. A great source of fibre,vitamins,anti-oxidants.
I dont have any time for steak and eggs honey,maybe you could whip me up some of yer mothers-glop.
by dang May 08, 2003
A person with a really fat ass i.e fat + anus.
a fat ass
Man, that maths teachers a fanus
man that teacher has such a fanus
by dang March 01, 2005

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