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so small that if you spit out the window, your hocker lands in Maryland. There is NOTHING there and is almost the smallest of the fifty states.
Delaware has NOTHING, but Wilmington is its largest "city" and is actually a suburb of Philadelphia.
by krock1dk August 17, 2007
Baja California, only it sucks.
by Mortodo February 06, 2004
Where a whole bunch of rednecks come to watch cars getting wrecked aka nascar.
Dude how did you get so much money this weekend?
I let some drunks park on my lawn.
Thank god for Delaware
by kmak September 03, 2005
although it should be called South Pennsylvania (it was part of pa in colonial times), it is surprisingly a good state...in the southern part. the north is an industrial wasteland in wilmington and the middle is filled with corn farmer; however southern delaware is awesome: beaches, no taxes, and a laidback environment; its right in between north and south and its as far south as you can go before encoutering hicks (in nearby virginia beach)
delaware is cool, even though no one knows a damn thing about it
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
Think about how bad Maryland is, then imagine it doesn't even have crabs; not like the std, like the cake.
Normal Person 1: Oh my God, where are we? Maryland's really this bad?

Normal Person 2: Hold your breath, we're in Delaware, and although it's tiny, we have three toll booths left until we get to Pennsylvania.

Person from Delaware: Hey, eff you guys, we have tax-free shopping.

All normal people: I'd rather pay.
by M Sala November 12, 2007
anything that sucks, because delaware and anything or anyone from delaware sucks.
You bein' delaware
by sgt. fumz-a-lot December 30, 2008
The most boring place in America. Where nothing happens, and everything sucks. I recommend NO ONE to move there. Stay where you are, It's better, Trust me!
I was so bored when I went to Delaware this past summer, I nearly died.
by Kee-Kee October 17, 2003