The first state in the union. Right on the border of the northern and southern regions, and it does have it's own accent depending where you live. Has 3 counties, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.

New Castle County is considered part of the north and is home to the two largest cities in the state. Wilmington, which is a ghetto crime ridden extention of South Philly. And Newark, home of the University of Delaware. Lots of highways, and huge swaths of suburban housing neighborhoods are all over this area, and it can feel like a maze. New Castle County is considered part of the Philadelphia metropolitian area.

Kent and Sussex counties have more in common with the south and are very rural. It's common to see rednecks around there living on Chicken farms and driving beat up trucks. The capital Dover is the only large town, and it's Nascar race track is it's only touristy destination. Further south on the coast you got your stereotypical beach towns like Rehobeth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Lewes which draw alot of tourists in summer.

For a small state it's pretty unique from others.
Danny hated Delaware at first, because he got lost twice driving around the suburbs of New Castle county. It took him an hour to find his way to Rt 1 south, where he headed to Rehobeth beach to party with bar sluts all night.
by Metalhead83 October 19, 2011
A place only locals can appreciate...a place where all there is to do is get wasted and high. The highlight of the state being DEWEY BEACH, a way of life, that becomes infested on summer weekends by annoying dc people. A town that contains only bars and a beach..the best place on earth.
I yearn for DEWEY beach DE
by DBP4Life February 03, 2005
The State where I live. Anyone who says bad things or makes entirely incorrect statments about Delaware should shut thier trap. I live In New Castle County, in Northern Delaware. Things are not boring at all. The only thing bad about it is that it is illegal to use a weapon in self defense. Too many people write definitions that say mean things about Delaware.
I live in Windy Hills, which is a Suburban Neiborhood in Newark, which is partof New Castle County, Delaware.
by Light Joker April 16, 2004
I know that you don't give a fuck about Delaware, and I can understand why. But here is what I have to say about your state:
Alabama- too Southern. Full of the KKK and white trash.
Alaska- beautiful. But I think that a thrill seeker might not like it.
Arizona- I'm sure that its very lovely, but I have no intention to go there.
Arkansas- see above.
California- you people make me laugh. Learn how to drive.
Colorado- very beautiful state, actually. very impressive.
Connecticut- eh.
Florida- Learn how to drive while you are getting your face fixed.
Georgia- Oh boy. How exciting. I always like to visit cities that were burned by the yankees.
Hawaii- It makes me somewhat uncomfortable to know that I can only fly or swim to the nearest land.
Idaho- one word= potato.
Illinois- one word= Packingtown.
Indiana- eh.
Iowa- eh.
Kansas- bring me a tornado, please.
Kentucky- eh.
Lousiana- considering that your main city was wiped out, there is nothing exciting about Lousiana.
Maine- eh.
Maryland- somewhat exciting.
Massachusetts- historic, but is there anything modern?
Michigan- eh.
Minnesota- eh.
Mississippi- what a stupid name, but i guess it fits.
Missouri- eh.
Montana- see Arizona.
Nebraska- population, like, 2?
Nevada- prostitutes and losers. how exciting, considering 85% of the land is owned by the government.
New Hampshire- eh. probably a lot of fun for people who like to ski.
New Jersey- wow. it's a lot of fun, but learn how to drive.
New Mexico- nothing to say, because all the funny men with black moustaches and tacos will get mad.
New York- its a lot of fun, but polluted. Learn how to drive.
North Carolina- eh.
North Dakota- see above.
Ohio- Rock n Roll, baby.
Oklahoma- see Kansas.
Oregon- I'm sure it's very nice.
Pennsylvania- I like it, it's very amazing. But Philadelphia creeps me out sometimes, and you need to learn how to drive.
Rhode Island- man, I didn't know that anything could be worse than Delaware.
South Carolina- see North Carolina.
South Dakota- see North Dakota.
Tennessee- I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to be a hillbilly.
Texas- Too Southern, and too big.
Utah- I know that Mormons don't practice polygamy, but its fun to joke about them.
Vermont- see New Hampshire.
Virginia- I love Virginia, it's very exciting.
Washington- volcano me, plz.
West Virginia- incest and coal mining rocks.
Wisconsin- population, like, 2?
Wyoming- population, like, 2?
Delaware is a great state and you should love it more.
by spasticpancreas April 02, 2008
A small state located in the mid atlantic. Known for its high drug use, Delaware (especially New Castle) is every crackwhores paradise. Upper Delaware is also known for its large number of catholic/ private high schools such as St. Marks (where the coolest sluts go), Sallies (where the coolest fags go) Ursuline and Padua (the drama capitol of the nation) and Tatnal and tower hill (where the rich drug addicts go) Southern Delaware is hicksville besides the eastern section where the beaches are located. Dewey- party city, Rehobeth- rich gay city, Bethany- laguna of delaware, and fenwick island- the mile long 2 block wide city thats surrounded by tons of water and borders Ocean city MD where the party scene is. A typical day in a delawareian's life would be to wake up, go to their private school, pick up some drugs, throw a banger at their oblivious parent's beach mansion.
Oh darn. just smoked my last joint. lets go to New Castle, Delaware and pick up some more =D!!!
by cutie pie September 01, 2007
Commonly mistaken as a place that actually exists, it's intentional that it rhymes with "no one lives there."
Delaware sunk into the ocean 20 years ago. No one knew or cared because it was Delaware. Their were 0 casualties.
by Earthman October 14, 2015
The second smallest state in the U.S.A, and one of the most boring.

Nicknames include
The First State- Named because it was the first state to ratify the Constitution

The 302 (in reference to the area code)
The diamond state- Has to due with its value as a strategic location along the sea
The Blue Hen State- Given for the Fighting Blue Hen Cocks that were brought in the 1700's
The Small Wonder- Due to it's size and beauty of its southern landscape
Deleware is also a unique state to where half of it is more "City folk" and half is "rural" and "Hick"
Dude, there is NOTHING to do in Delaware
DE is so pretty
by The302 April 06, 2010
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