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The "I" stands for INCOMPLETE and it will take "95" years to finish.

Now you know.
Welcome to I-95! Good're gonna need it.
It's a 1900 mile break check.
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by CT Vigilante August 03, 2006
The American Autobahn. Interstate-95, also known as I-95, runs 1,927 miles down the East Coast from Maine to Florida though most major cities including Boston, Providence, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Savannah, Jacksonville and Miami.

Interstate 95 is one of the most well-known, most important, and heaviest travelled highways in the Interstate system. It serves and connects the major cities along the Northeast corridor, and it is the major north-south highway along the east coast. It is the longest north-south Interstate highway, and it passes through the most states (15) of any Interstate.

There is no general speed limit as speed is of the utmost importance, while safety is not even an afterthought.
Yo! Ima jump on the I-95 down to Miami to get dat llello from Tony Montana so I can roll me a primo. A'ight, peace!
#i-95 #95 #ima #dat #llello #tony montana #a'ight #peace
by E Primo January 27, 2006
Devil's Highway. 'Nuff said.
If you haven't gotten into an accident, or seen an accident on I-95, you're not human.
by ziggy April 06, 2005
Predicted to be the infamous death of Ben Affleck.
HAHA! Ben Affleck died on I-95 yesterday! What a wanker!
#i-95 #ban #affleck #bitch #whore #faggot #wanker
by Not a Wanker/Anti-Wanker March 11, 2008
To hurry, rush, or speed, as on route I-95 through the DC metro area.
I was I-95ing it in my cherry sprite, getting chased by the blueberry boys.
#speed #rush #i-95 #cops #dc
by skootuh boi September 03, 2008
The superhighway that extends from Canada to the Florida Keys.
The 95 can get you anywhere on the East Coast.
by bigtones September 12, 2004
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