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The correct way to spell the oft misused DEFINATELY.
Note that "finite" appear in the word, stresing the "limits" that the definition below implies.

having distinct or certain limits
free of all ambiguity, uncertainty, or obscurity <demanded a definite answer> b : UNQUESTIONABLE, DECIDED <the quarterback was a definite hero today>

def·i·nite·ly adverb
People should definitely pay more attention to proper spelling and grammar.
by starx March 08, 2005
The hardest fucking word to spell in the English language.
Holy shit I can't believe Nick spelled "definitely" with two Z's and a U, what an idiot!
by Metal Frosty October 05, 2008
In contemporary English, "definitely" means "never". A face-saving maneuver in conversation...when somebody says definitely, it's an up-front lie.
"Hey, we should get coffee some time and hang out!"
"Uh...Yeah, definitely!"
by Michelle M. May 01, 2008
Having distinct or certain limits - However, this adverb is OVERUSED by many idiotic twenty-somethings - This can be witnessed time and time again on moronic "dating" shows such as, for example, "Elimidate" or "The 5th Wheel" - Males and females alike are guilty of this bizarrely exagerrated use of the word 'definitely'. It's the 'totally' of the 90s/00s...
She: "I definitely think Josh is hot - But he definitely doesn't wax so I'm definitely going to have to go with Brad."

He: "Jennifer's definitely hot. She definitely has a nice body. But Jessica definitely rocks my world more. So I'm definitely going to ask her out"
by Totally Kim October 14, 2003
A non-commital answer to something one doesn't want to do that's sounds definative.
We should go see that movie.
~Yeah, definitely.
by Megs April 18, 2005
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