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a boyband (or "vocal harmony group" in their own words) of the 1990's. known for their hits "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" and "I Want It That Way". As of mid-2004 are in the studio preparing a new album.
The Backstreet Boys have not split up.
by megs July 13, 2004
To combine or form into, join together
We need to syndicate in order to get through this.
by Megs December 16, 2003
stable surface used for tasks at hand, including sexual acts
if you were my homework i'd be doing you on my desk
by megs April 21, 2004
shit, oops, my fault, dang
kelly just ran into to a car and she says "SHIZZLE"!!!
by Megs March 01, 2005
A noise that pigeons make, along with other vegtables such as lauren, who is the shit at cooing.
megan "meow"
Lauren "coo"
by megs April 12, 2005
A non-commital answer to something one doesn't want to do that's sounds definative.
We should go see that movie.
~Yeah, definitely.
by Megs April 18, 2005
A form of shoe that Ally Hilfiger would not allow her husband to wear ever.
Take those ugly moccasins off your feet.
by Megs December 13, 2003

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