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short for "details", usually details of gossip
My friend wanted to know what happened at the party last night so I gave her the deets.
by FD September 30, 2004
I've just changed my address, here's the deets: 45 Lala Lane. Lalaland. etc.
by kmr September 03, 2003
An abreviation for the word details. Typically used in casual email conversations. Not so much in the real due to the lameness of using slang in speech.
Email to friend: Sorry to hear you lost yor phone, here are my phone numbers as you requested.

Email reply: Thanks for getting back to me with the deets, i appreciate it. Talk soon! Peace
by VICKI KARMA November 01, 2006
Short for details...
hey dude! i need to know what's going on for tonight (what time to meet you, what bar etc.) text me back with the deets...
by j.mags May 13, 2008
Deet, Noun, "A Detail". Can also be used as a verb to express desire to gain information.
Dude I heard Sam hooked up this weekend. Deet me!
by Comming Outta Orinda February 11, 2007
An inarticulate expression of one's inadequacy or of feeling awkward, which is then projected as an insult onto someone else.
If you hear people say this around you, they are probably feeling awkward and in turn calling you awkward or "deet" as a form of Freudian projection. A proper response would be to tell them to: "learn how to not feel awkward" or more eloquently "grow the fuck up".
by AsianEyes January 30, 2010
high, stoned.
PLURAL : deets = joints / ways of getting high.
originated in port dover
"Man, i am soooo deet."
by alliy December 26, 2006
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