When you dont know what to say, just say 'Deet?'
In a really awkward situation when there is a silence say 'Deet?'
by dustyguitar August 08, 2009
Deet is a word you use to describe someone or something that is dorky, nerdy, or something you would shake your head to.
That guy is a deet. He wouldn't see Death Cab, he'll go and see Deet Cab.
by chantal and justin November 16, 2006
cool, tight, similar to the techies' term "leet"
Wow what an awesome movie! That last scene especially was so deet!
by Arlo Hill November 17, 2004
something beyond ugly or rank.
Something that would make your own grandmother vomit with rage.
Dude that Kraft Dinner your mom made was Deet!
by josh newman April 27, 2004
a very small amount
i finally talked to that sexy man but only for a deet
by alizxx March 23, 2004
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