Deet is what the little brown people on "Super Mario Brothers" do. They walk left and right and go "Deet, deet, deet!". A little brown person on Super Mario Brothers is referred to as a "goomba". Goomba's are the most common creatures that deet. Deet can also be used in the form of "getting someone", you say "I'll deet ya!".
"I hate the goomba's on Super Mario Brothers! They'll deet ya!"
by GoombaDeet7 November 13, 2011
a noun given to somebody failing at something easy.
Eric missed a lay-up in basketball, what a deet!
by bobbyblex February 25, 2009

1.) Something awful or terrible

2.) a sexual act description
3.) Accomplishing something

4.) Describing someone or something that is special in a good way.
1.) Thats some bull deet.
2.) I love to deet with steves girlfriend.
3.) Get some deet.
4.) He's really deeting out there
by cburgfuturenumber10 May 21, 2011

The act of "deeting" or partaking in the use of marijuana.

Can also be used as a noun; another name for marijuana is deet.

Originated in Tyrone.

Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Kid Cudi all deet.
Ham: Hey man when do you wanna deet?

Matt: Oh man I'm so deetish right now.

Tony: Are you guys deetin'?

Korry: You guys! Rob smells like pure deet.
by Kwaynt December 03, 2009
A person of Indian or Middle Eastern descent. Usually mentioned in a stereotypical and crude way.
I couldn't understand a word that deet working at the gas station was saying.
by ohdeet September 05, 2011
A mixture of Death to all Evil, Quirk, The Ability to Fly and That Feeling After Working Out. In other words, complete Awesomeness. It comes in many varieties including Liquid DEET and Frozen DEET
She'll go out with you? Man, that is so DEET!

That girl is seriously DEET.

I just took a shot of pure unadulterated DEET.
by 6man December 11, 2010
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