a word for details without giving away the entire word details
"Give me the deets about last night!"
by ohkayyyyyx3 November 18, 2007
a deet is when you accidentally spill or splatter milk on your nipple.
"alex was pouring the milk for his cheerios when all of a sudden, he deet himself!"
by Vicle October 24, 2006
big big bitch
dee is a dee t
by those who despise Dee April 14, 2003
any type of techno, electronic club music
The DJ was play some great deet at the club last night!
by Sando December 28, 2002
a replacement word for done when something has to be accomplished
such as "gitter Deet"
by deeet April 18, 2007
1. A sound effect representing one's being hit, generally off the side of one's head
2. Of an offensive or disgusting nature
3. Techno or house music
"We were just messing around, when Jibbs fell and hit his head on the table. He was like, 'Deet'."
by NaBi September 19, 2006
Substance that will give you cancer.
Deet gave me cancer. Now I can sue and get lots of money. I'm set!
by KATHRYN July 10, 2003

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