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short for "details", usually details of gossip
My friend wanted to know what happened at the party last night so I gave her the deets.
by FD September 30, 2004
1) A Matrix-like program where you can acquire any piece of music ever created.
2) The root of all evil.
Didja get the latest Sir Paid-A-Lot single from EZ Jackster yet, Dijonay?
by FD March 29, 2003
severe case of having your genital area clung to. Often casues chafing, discomfort, mental and emotional stress which can lead to a short temper.
I swear, I think im coming down with a case of pnutmonia, Betty wont stop calling and telling me we were meant to be.
by FD June 01, 2004
A brilliant chillout band sending out relaxing vibes to everyone who downloads their shit.

Or buys it. Heh.

Their best relxation tune? Red Dust.
Their worst tune? Bachelor Pad.
Their weirdest tune? All of them, really. Esp. Nervous Tension and Page One.
Lemon Jelly are whack.
Lemon Jelly are fly.
I got shit-faced last night to Jemon Jelly.
by FD April 29, 2004
Actually a town in Tennessee where the residents all wear fake "Billy-Bob" teeth.
Look at the guy with the Billy-Bob teeth, he must be from Buckfuck, Tennessee.
by FD September 30, 2004
p1x= 73h p1c74r5.
t3h p1x 0f j00= t3h gh3y.
by fd June 13, 2004
n - short for "Defense of the Ainchients", a player-made map for the game "Warcraft 3"

The game has been mutilated into a piece of crap with this "allstar" stuff though. The old versions on Reign of Chaos owned=/
player5 has joined the game
player5: dota sucks.
player3: g g gog goggogog
player3: g g gog goggogog
player3: g goopoooo gogoo goggogog wtf gooo
player2: wtfffook kick him!! He makes fun of our crappy game that we play because we suck at the actual game we bought!
player3: g g gog goggogog
player5 has left the game
by fd October 23, 2004
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