A male version of queef.. When gasulants come out of a man's penis making fart like noises. This sometimes occurs after intercourse.
Brian deefed after a long while of sex.
by Carmen Brown May 26, 2006
Top Definition
A white tiger with the head of a man.
"Where were you yesterday?" "I was at the zoo checking out the deefs!" "AWESOME!"
by Admiral Dude Kiss May 07, 2008
A person who is very bad at Halo, they usually play under the "default" tag.
Man this new guys nickname is definitely going to be deefs.
by Aburesh01 October 29, 2007
Deef |dēf|

1. noun. Originally used to succinctly describe an instance of delicious beef. Often this is used when the item has a distractingly high level of tastiness and a full sentence is not manageable.

2. adjective. Good, excellent, or awesome. A 'y' is added to the end to create "Deefy" as necessary.
1. "That vendor on Church St. is selling some straight deef burgers."

2. "Taking shots in the library? That's deef, yo."
"That is a deefy burger, my friend."
by LingAnth October 10, 2011
an exclamation used in disbelief, shock and amazement and in response to other generally amazing or incredible situations, events, words etc.
Marcos: Look at the wheels!

Nelson: Yeah, she does have a fat ass.


Deefs, my paycheck was horrible this week.
by Dictionwary June 04, 2007
Shortened version of default
Often said by poker players who continually change all their cards on the first changeover.
When the dealer asks the player if he wants 'five cards?' the player would say 'Oh deefs'
by launcher April 17, 2007
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