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A large-breasted Asian girl. It is derived from the notion that White Tigers are considered rare, exotic animals. Someone with yellow fever is likely to seek out a white tiger.
I was walking through Sproul Plaza the other day and there was a white tiger handing out fliers for the next Vietnamese Student Alliance meeting.
by pirate telecast April 23, 2009
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A white redneck pimp. Generally a large southern man with a commanding presence. They secretly harbor a love for all things cat.
Look Toby is such a white tiger.
by Midget 1 May 18, 2011
A white girl with a big black woman booty, prized like a White Tiger for her beauty and rarity.
Check the booty on that White Tiger over there!
by bananamilkshakefiend June 25, 2010
an act where a woman gives fellatio to a man, who in turn jerks off at woman's face, then she must swat the jizz away with her hands, giving the appearance of a tiger clawing.
"I had to white tiger that shit. That stuff will take your eye out."
by dego April 17, 2005
A girl who is half black, half white, and all fierce; sometimes having long, sharp claws.
David: "...and I want two white tigers!"

Tony: "I think I know what he means. He means, he wants two half black, half white bitches.."
by Felenrael September 01, 2013
A white woman of any age who likes darker men. A White Tiger will always be on the prowl for the dark meat. (This ranges from light brown to dark chocolate.) White Tigers are typically amazing in the sack with skills beyond belief. If a light-skinned man gets a hold of a White Tiger, he may count himself as lucky--she has given him a night to remember. These rare beauties are difficult to spot because they blend into an all white crowd like they belong there. But when night falls, you may spot one on the prowl. She secretly hopes to settle down with her dark lover counter part and maybe will some day if she finds him.
You can spot a White Tiger playing it cool at a nice bar or restaurant. She'll casually eyeball some dark meat. You'll miss it if you aren't paying close attention. She smiles a little more when a good piece of dark meat comes near.
by GreenTea July 10, 2013
An older, possibly rich gentlemen who hits on younger men, just as his female counterparts "cougars" do.
That hot dude hitting on me is a real "White Tiger".
by firefighterzak1 November 25, 2010

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