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When flatulence is expunged from the male urethra following penetration. I.e. dick fart.
Oh lord i just deefed so hard it smells like dick.
by Walker Morgan December 28, 2010
Making a "queef" style noise with your penis. Involves getting the air in your urinary tract to form a vacuum - letting the air out with a PRRRRRUITT-sound.
Lol, Steffen just deefed!
by Deefmaster November 06, 2008
A deef is basically a dick queef.
Johnny! Did you just deef!?" "Sorry mom." "You know the rule, no deefing at the table." "Okay."
by Master Bay Terr February 03, 2011
An incredibly noisy and smelly poop, mostly dropped at the exact time someone else wants to use that specific toilet.
I thought I heard the Fourth of July firework show start two hours early, but then I realized David was just taking a massive deef.

That chinese food from the end of semester dinner had our entire suite dropping deefs all weekend long.
by Bossjan Nachbar July 01, 2011
The process of farting out of your dickhole. Like Queefing, but with your dickhole. A deef does not smell like fish, like a queef, but like fresh spring flowers spewn accross a medow with bunnys. A deef tends to sound like a gunshot, and priests and african americans are alergic to them.
Yesterday i let out the craziest deef in church, the priest threw up on the alter, i think he was a black.
by karatychopper August 30, 2010
Short for defective. Can be used for a multitude of things, from situations that have gone wrong, to things that have broken, to an ugly girls face.
"Dude, you straight deefed that bowl"
"Dude, I was going to smash, but that chicks face was straight deefed."
"Dude, if I fart now, I'm straight going to deef my pants"
by Sog Man April 15, 2010
Exceptionally potent marijuana.
Charlie, I got some deef shit for tonight, dude.
by strokesGuitarist July 14, 2009