a word said when some is way beyond stupid as hell.
that deef just got decked in the face because he forgot to put his hands up.
by Ace trick April 23, 2009
A male version of queef.. When gasulants come out of a man's penis making fart like noises. This sometimes occurs after intercourse.
Brian deefed after a long while of sex.
by Carmen Brown May 26, 2006
to say or do something stupid
after asking if he could drive to Hawaii they called him a Deef.
by BDP11 April 15, 2006
Sarcastic alternative to "deaf," but pronounced with the double 'e' sound. Usually used with bad intention.
"What - are you deef?"
by allisonic December 17, 2003
can be used in place of pretty much any cuss word, especially the word f*ck.
"Deef you!" "Go deef yourself!" "Deef bag!"
by leahjeanbean October 21, 2007
01. (v.) deef, deefed
to mess up; to destroy; to fuck up.
to have sex with;

02. (n.) deefed
to be intoxicated or otherwise not in control of your actions;
01. (v.)
how'd you do on the sat's last weekend?
i deefed on 'em, bad.

02. (n.)
you guys go back to the dorm?
yeah we were deefed and broke a window.
by the boston anthony August 25, 2005
It's the word "feed" spelled backwards, so it means feedback.
Give me some deef on this paper.
by James Sheldon December 14, 2005

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