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The act of debating while intoxicated.
After sitting around for hours drinking more than a few beers, my brother-in-law and I got into a debation as to whether sun dials were still accurate.
by Rhapsody Cowboy June 30, 2011
Debations is an alternative/redneck way of referring to the common usage of the word debate.
Hey ya'll, stop these damn debations!!
by Diggy-Dantz November 01, 2007
Debating with yourself whether to commence masturbation or not.
I knew I was going to be home alone for a few hours, that's then the debation started.
by DCummings November 08, 2015
Combination of a debate and a conversation.
Me and my friend where having a debation.
by juhe November 24, 2006
the act of having a debate.
The other day I had this big debation with my friend over how he couldn't go to the gym for a straight week.
by smellietoe June 20, 2010
To Debate Something, The Act Of Debation debating
The Mac vs Pc Debation Thread
by Anonmous January 18, 2005

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