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getting really incapacitated, drunk, messed up, also can cause seeing of purple homo sapians in toliet water as you are purging.
I was so deaned last night, i think im now a father.
by E liz November 27, 2007
To have be pinned down by several men while several others grope you're testicles and often have an object such as a bottle or a phone or fingers shoved up you're anus.
Billy-"Hey everyone!! Look over there that guy is being deaned!!!"

Everyone else-"Man that is so sick lets keep watching!! Hope I never get deaned"
by Alfred Amigo January 21, 2008
To have been taken advantage of.
Holy shit dude that girl totally got Deaned last night
by rafs April 04, 2016
Getting so drunk that you talk about festivals you 'always go to' and how informal your letters are.
'mate i am absolutely deaned, like this one time when i went to Reading'
by Joel Block March 08, 2016

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