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1. A positive adjective describing someone who is very easy to get along with.
2. A compliment for when you can't think of anything nice to say about a person, but still want them to feel good about themselves.
3. A smart-sounding word for nice.
Girl 1: Emily, everyone likes you; You're so amicable.
Emily: How dare you insult me!
Girl 1: That was a compliment, Em.
Emily: Oh. .... Okay, then.
by sibyl-in-black November 08, 2006
37 16
1. characterized by friendliness and or good will.

2. One who is friendly and open to conversation.
I am sure we can reach an agreement. Our talks thus far have been very amicable.

Don't worry, she's very amicable, I'm sure you will get along fine.
by thefirstten October 04, 2011
5 4