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In the Lancashire area, deaking means to stare, or 'stare-out'
Friend1: Stop walking man, the guy across the road is deakin at me.
Friend2: Wtf? Lets beat the shit out of him.
by BluryVision October 28, 2007
Derived from the term Deacon meaning a low ranking member of the Catholic Church. A Deakin is a low raking member of the indie band Animal Collective.
Bro#1: Who's you favorite member of AnCo?
Bro#2: Definetly Panda Bear.
Bro#3: Na, Avey Tare is the shit.
Bro#1: and Geologist is also dope.
Bro#2: True everyone in Animal Collective has their own unique skill set and important contribution to the band.
Bro#1: Everyone but Deakin.
Bro#3: Deakin sux!
by Bro Chi Min December 11, 2010