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A Bastard Bedworth is a type of bet used when playing roulette in a casino. By placing 6 chips on the splits of numbers 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36. By doing this it is possible to cover 1/3 of a section of the wheel. This bet is also referred to as 'Tier' in European casinos
Millie was Bastard Bedworth Betting and won 8 times in a row, lucky!

Danny was upset because he placed a huge amount on a Bastard Bedworth and lost all his money
by GamblersRamblers January 04, 2014
Woody fingers is a term used by players at a poker table to describe a dealer they are not happy with - they are indicating that the dealer who may be male or female is not shuffling the cards correctly - they have woody fingers and the cards are remaining un-shuffled throughout the game. It is not so much a way of cheating as more of an indication of an incompetent dealer
'The Dealer on this game is terrible, Millie has told him ten times to cut the cards different but he doesn't- he's like a robot, the guy has woody fingers for sure'

'Mickey got so fed up with that woody fingers dealer he ended up ripping the cards up and swearing at him'
by GamblersRamblers January 04, 2014
Cardiff Troyster is a gambling term for a person who is incredibly good and/or lucky.
They are always in front of the game whatever that may be and always have plenty of cash from winning
'Can you believe Mark again!? He came here with $100 and 30minutes later he is winning over $1000, that guy is a Cardiff Troyster'

'I saw a guy in the casino last night who was an all round Cardiff Troyster, he won on everything he played'
by GamblersRamblers December 30, 2013
a Birmingham Girling is a 'Mug Bet' a person placing a bet on something which has no chance of winning.
'I made a Birmingham Girling bet because I was drunk, I bet $50 on Tiger Woods winning gold in the Olympics freestyle swimming'

'I cant believe it, in the casino last night Ian bet his wages on roulette - he put all his money on blue? What a Birmingham Girling'
by GamblersRamblers December 30, 2013
A Doddsy is a person who plays poker and consistently loses and is therefore a favourite of other gamblers to have at the table as they are easy prey. Sometimes referred to as a pigeon they are unskilled and/or unlucky
We got Dave in the game yesterday, he is such a Doddsy we won all his cash and then some!
by GamblersRamblers January 05, 2014
A heavy Thompson is a blackjack or dice bet where the player increases his stake significantly in order to win money back from previous losing bets
Tony was losing but then placed one Heavy Thompson bet on the hard eight and got it all back

Dave lost a heavy Thompson bet at the end so went home skint
by GamblersRamblers January 04, 2014
Vinnies Joker is slang for a poker dealer who is fixing the cards in his favour (it is only referred to in a game where the person dealing is also playing) the dealer sometimes called a Mechanic in American circles is an expert in card manipulation and has the ability to give himself the best hand and ultimately win all the money.
We were playing poker down the snooker hall when this guy turns up and asks if he can play, we let him and on his deal he makes a pat hand every time!! He fleeced us all, that guy was a Vinnies Joker for sure

Did you see that dealer hitting 5 of a kind against the rest of the tables Royal Flushes and Quads?? Unbelievable!! They were all calling him a Vinnies Joker afterwards!!
by GamblersRamblers January 06, 2014

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