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A excellent New York-based band which got it's start in experimental and ambient music. All of the members are originally from Baltimore, MD and Pennsylvania and go by alternate stage names - Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin and Geologist. The group has released several LP's and has seen growing success.

They are known for rhythmic beats, distorted sounds, guitar loops, lush layering, and distorted and often garbled lyrics. Each album has a very different sound and theme, and some say that their music has been getting more and more accessible over time.
I almost poo'd my pants at the Animal Collective show last night.
by Mel Griffin October 30, 2007
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the most hella band out there. when you listen to them, you'll be like damn, hell yeah damn, hell yeah damn, hell yeah damn, hell yeah
hella guy 1: "have you heard the new animal collective album that was released in 2013?"
hella guy 2: "no?"
hella guy 1: "oh right because it doesnt exist hahahahah
hella guy 2:" -_- can you like stop"
by automine January 02, 2014

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