A fucking ass hole point blank .
My Dad , MAYBE your dad , the guy next to you on the highway
by Femme Fatale 007 February 21, 2004
A man who makes babies then makes tracks!!!
That deadbeat dad deserves an upper decker!!!!!
by Wint July 09, 2003
One of the lowest forms of life on Earth. An incompetent, milquetoast loser. A father who refuses to be a man and take responsibility for caring for his children. If he’s divorced, he refuses to pay child support. In the meantime, his children and wife become resentful toward him.
The justice system and prosecuting attorneys are right in wanting to incarcerate any deadbeat dad. They should be locked up with the key thrown away until they take responsibility for the children they have brought into this world.
by krock1dk March 31, 2008
A man who is totally incompetant in raising a child to be grown up fully potentialed, and fullhearted. Deadbeat dads find some sort of energy in commiting one or all of the 7 deadly sins. Mongrels such as these should fire in the pits of Hell and suck on rectum for aslong as they shall live when calling themselves, "The Honorable Parent".
My dad slams a woman ONCE unbridaled, is willing to pay the abortion fees to kill the non-existant child, lives in a seperate town for more then half her life not talking to her, comes to visit whenever the hell he feels like it, barely pays child support each month, kisses her on the head and calls himself, "The Greatest Father In The Universe".
by Phatal July 10, 2003
A loosly coined phrase in an attempt to cast all blame on the divorce, kids problems, ex white trash...I mean wifes problems, etc. Of course the ex never had anything to do with any of the marriage problems. Was put through school by the "dead beat dad!" and forgot what she ate or wiped her ass with while she was doing it. The phrase is used in place of "your dad" or "your father" when addressing the children. This is an attempt to cast away all blame on "Mom of the year" and cast all misfortune on "The dead beat dad!". Using laws written in the 1920's and 1930's, perfect moms are able to go to court, get a sizable portion of "dead beat dads" paycheck, give him the honor of being able to see his kids every other weekend, or at the last minute when mama's "going out", then re-enforce to the kids with cute little comments like, "Too bad your dad wont spend more time with you", or "I know, I know. Your dad never has any money". This along with many other factors leaves the child with the impression that almighty mom is perfect and dead beat dad, is just that, a dead beat. I mean really, how hard is it to program a 3 year old when you have them 90% of the time and 15 years to work on them. As time progresses, mom of the year usually ends up being 45 years old, looking like hammered dog shit, 6 kids from 3 different dads (all of course are dead beats). She is drunk by 10am on scotch, but thats ok because she has a nice business that she should really incorporate, because all the checks comming in between child support and alimony is a pain in the ass to keep track of. Of course all her problems are associated with the ex's, kids are hooked on drugs, daily gang bangs, and drink like fishes, but hey, they learned from the best huh?! As her tax writeoffs...I mean income producers...I mean kids get older, this is all they know, so the cycle repeats itself. Of course its all the dead beat dads fault, because the "sorry bastard" never spent time with his kids, and if he wanted to see them more he should have fought in court for the right!
Kid#1 Hey pal, why dont you ever talk about your dad?
Kid#2 My mom says he's a dead beat dad! and he only wants to see me every now and then.
Kid#1 It must be right if your mom says so huh?
Kid#2 Yea, must be. He never has any money and lives in a shitty apartment anyway.
Kid#1 Doesnt he drive like 3 hours to get you though?
Kid#2 Yea
Kid#1 Man, I wish my dad would spend 10 minutes with me. By the way, You sure have a lot of cool shit. iPod, PS3, clothes, skateboard, cell phone, and scooter.
Kid#2 Yea, my mom is so cool huh?
by the doner February 08, 2006
A male parent that won't pay child support. See: deadbeat mom.
by tradesman July 11, 2003
An idiot who knocked up his woman, married her, got caught fucking his secretary, got bitchslapped with divorce papers, and refuses to pay up child support because the woman won't let him see the kids.
This is why condoms were invented, people. Use them.
by DarkMillennia August 25, 2003
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