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A father who makes a good living and bitches about having to pay $256 dollars a month in child support even though he can afford it but would rather spend all his money on whiskey and pot. A true live asshole.
I wish someone would take my deadbeat dad out in the back and set his head on fire because he is such an asshole.
by YourCloud July 09, 2003
When you promise you'll wear a G string for him if he promises to take it off of you as soon as possible.
I'll compromise and wear butt floss for you tonight honey... but we are staying IN.
by YourCloud July 09, 2003
Stupid annoying bastards that flash and glow vapidly in the furthest outreach of most websites, frequenting porno sites the most; these will try and get you to buy something stoopid and pointless or join a stoopid and pointless club in order to buy something stoopid and pointless.
Those disco lookin' banner ads are REALLY getting on my nerves. I think I'll throw my monitor out the window now.
by YourCloud July 09, 2003
a high level of energetic attention which Steve the Cynic gives to various rhinos and monkies in his spare time.
If Steve's spankitude level doesn't drop, we may have to tranquilize him.
by YourCloud July 09, 2003
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