A man who has no respect for his pregnant (ex) partner, and who, after the child is born, decides to sit on his mountain of cash and assets while the mother and their child live in poverty. He is able to continue with his life as normal (ie dating, going out to the bars, finishing a college degree) while the mother had to give up everything including her college degree because she can't support the child all alone. The deadbeat cares not for anyone but himself, does not want to see his child, believes himself to always be right in every situation, and has an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement. Regardless of his ability to support his child, if he decides he doesn't WANT to, then he's not going to.
Even though the father of my child makes a great living as an engineer, he would rather his child live in poverty with the mother and does not desire to see his child at all. What a deadbeat dad.
by Try Not To Hate December 31, 2012
Someone who does not pay child support, hasn't had a steady paycheck in at least a year, has a hooker of a girlfriend who has slept with at least two of his best friends, still lives with mommy and daddy and parties with people way too young for him because he doesn't know what priorities or responsibilities of a father should be.
"Wow, people really are oblivious to the difference between a playmate and a responsible father, huh?"

"Yeah, they don't see he is such a dead beat dad!"

See also buddy, playmate.

Antonyms- the gorgeous single guy across from your office, who is financial stable, has a successful job and wants to take you AND your daughter out.
by JONNYBEGOOD7583 June 26, 2010
A asshole who has been with his girlfriend for almost 20 years,he has 3 kids,is hardly ever home,and fucking cheats on his girlfriend.
My dad is a dead beat dad.That damn son of a bitch.
by gangbang bate July 21, 2003
A man who doesn't pay child support and also disrespects his baby mama in front of the children and disregards her feelings. A man who believes that having a job means that any form of child care is not his job. And who gets 'overwhelmed' by taking care of his children for a few hours but doesn't understand that the mother takes care of them night and day with no breaks.
Mom: can you please help me by giving me a break?
deadbeat dad: give YOU a break? I work all day. All you do is sit on your ass at home and watch kids. Sounds easy to me.

(then on seperate day when man is watching kids)
Deadbeat dad: this kids are driving me crazy. I'm so tired.
Mom: you've only been with them for an hour.
by shitouttaluck December 31, 2011
A father separated from a child's mother who refuses to pay maintenence or buy anything for said child.
"That Dave is a deadbeat dad, I hate him."
by George W. Bush July 09, 2003
Dead beat dad is someone who has fathered children who does nothing to support them or have any involvement with his children. He is one of the reasons we all pay higher taxes for social welfare progams and why some people will rob, rape or murder you because they had one of these.
Bryan wanted to go on a trip with his new girlfriend because of this he missed his childs bday and skipped his child support payment making him a dead beat dad!
by angelinnwok February 07, 2006
has a child - doesn't visit the child, doesn't pay any child support, yet makes a million unkept promises.
a dead beat dad is the guy who works security at a trashy strip club, leaves his too classy highly paid intelligent loving wife and young child for the fugly red head stripper who overdosed on the collagen, then doesn't bother to see his daughter and quits his job soon after to live off the stripper so he doesn't have to pay child support.
by sla2tru January 28, 2011
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