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A type of person who is awesomely sexy, athletic, and beautiful. Usually blond headed preps that runs cross-country and track, and plays lacrosse or basketball, Someone that never can look bad
Hey, look you can tell thats a Kirstie walking by.... man shes is freekin hott
by who?? November 09, 2006
Super cool, Super smart, Super hot, Super funny, Super everything girl at UCSC.
Like OMG, I saw Kirstie on campus today. I wish I was that cool.
by OriginalSourPatchKid March 17, 2009
A gorgeous, beautiful girl who all the guys want to be with. She always had a lot of friends and all of them wish they could be her. She is daring and courageous and the life of the party. She may be prone to accidents, but she doesn't let that stop her. Her blue eyes will melt guys hearts.
Person 1: Have you seen that beautiful girl?
Person 2: Ya that's who I've been trying to get with. That's Kirstie.
by K114 April 06, 2011
1) Another word for being a kinky person.
2)A reference to a whore

Girl: I love cock
Boy: You're such a kirstie .
by kayleighFACE October 26, 2007
a user, someone who drains your life force and your wallet. a person unworthy of trust. Slut who sleeps with your friends, someone who is a Pathological liar.
She's a Kirstie, you dont ever wanna be with one of those users, dude.
by 1432563 September 06, 2012