DDR- "down da road" referring to a chick or dude that you are just about done with.
He is crazy! Let him keep trying me and he will be DDR for sure.
by babybluemedic April 19, 2009
1. Double Data Rate. 2. Dance Dance Revolution. The latter should be re-abbreviated to D^2R.
Are you ready? Let's D-D-R!
by dj gs68 May 10, 2003
DDR or Digg Down Record. The art of submitting a comment on the Digg website that is so off topic that it will render itself Dugg down at record speed.
Topic 1 : OSX update 10.5.1 fixes

Comment: Macs are for pensioners and small children with absolutely no brain cells wot-so-ever. If you actually bought one, you deserve to die!

-221 DDR

Topic 2 : Go Anonymous!

Comment: As a Scientologist: I think that your views of our religion are completely off the mark. You really should give it a go sometime, you have nooo idea.

-145 DDR
by Doalch February 12, 2008
Dance Dance Ram
Double Data Revolution
It took a whole hour to get the DDR out of the drainage pipes.
by omgfagbot May 03, 2005
Dial on Demand Routing
when the main connection dies DDR acts as a backup
by dfvb February 17, 2004
i stands for dance dance revoultion its a game that was made by japanese who were really bored. the only people who are good at this game are ether gay,girls, and of corse japanese people.
look at that gay kid on the ddr
omg you guys lets turn off halo and play ddr
by jason sims March 18, 2007
Dog Dick Red. The color of a dog's erection.
The errors on the spread sheet had to be DDR'd for deletion.
by GIS boys October 06, 2006

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