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An error message on a blue screen and uses the MS-DOS font. This happens when major or "fatal" errors occur. In some cases you can press any key "to continue," but sometimes pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL may be required, and in rare cases you will have to power off the computer due to the keyboard not responding or getting a "System halted._" message.
Windows ME sucks. I get blue screens of death 24/7.
by gs6 December 22, 2002
1. One who goes on a message board and deliberately posts large quantities of posts with minimal meaning whatsoever.
2. The act of posting large amounts of meaningless posts.
I thought postwhoring wasn't allowed...
by gs6 December 22, 2002
An improved version of the game Beatmania.
by gs6 December 22, 2002
The most common way of censoring profanity on television.
They say life's a BLEEP bitch and you BLEEP die.
by gs6 December 22, 2002
Let's go play IIDX, ya?
by gs6 December 22, 2002
1. A dance simulation game.
2. To play DDR
Are you ready? LET'S DDR!
by gs6 December 22, 2002
A DJ simulation game that uses 5 keys and a turntable.
by gs6 December 22, 2002
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