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Dance Dance Revolution
An arcade game based on timing and skill. There are 4 steps and you have to step on each one based on what song is playing and what arrows are shown on screen.

Sound silly, but is the most popular arcade game in the world since it came out....

Only people who have never played it, think it's bad (i did before I played it)
by Cully April 01, 2003
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Delete don't respond. When someone sends you a text, but you delete it and don't respond to it. This can be applied to ignoring facebook wall posts, voicemails, or rejecting someone in any other way (lunch plans, date, etc.)
Boy's text: "hey u wanna get lunch later?"
Girl: deletes text, doesn't respond

Boy in person: "hey did you get my text?"
Girl: (checks phone) "oh I don't have it here, sorry!"

Girl's friend: "did you reply to his text?"
Girl with friends later: "Get that crap outta here. I DDR'd that text. Kbye to the extreme."
by Whatitdo222 August 11, 2010
Abbreviation for the ever-so-popular game called Dance Dance Revolution.

Though it may not be the most known, this Bemani (Konami's music simulation series) feature has you dancing to high speed *most of the time* music and watching coloured arrows travel up the screen.

Gameplay is simple: Step on the appropriate arrow on a dance pad as soon as it has hit the top of the screen.

There are two types of DDR. Dance Dance Revolution, and Dance Dance Revolution Solo. With most of the DDR games, you only use four pads (which resemble a plus sign). As for solo DDR games, you use the four on opposite sides plus two corner buttons in the top-left and top-right corners.

DDR also comes in many different mixes, which include different interfaces and song lists.
"Wow what's that awesome possum dancing game thing over there in the corner of the arcade called?"

"That would have to be Dance Dance Revolution... yeah that's DDR!"

"Holy crap, let's go play! I hear that MAXX UNLIMITED and PARANOiA are easy songs! Well, at least from some creepy girl named MJ."

"OK, how much for a game??"

"Oh. Well... it SAYS one dollar for 3 songs."

"That price rocks my socks!"
by w00tman May 31, 2004
Dance Dance Revolution
greatest fucking arcade game ever.

a game that requires u to read the arrows as they scroll up (or down if u change the settings) on the screen and step on the corrosponding arrow on the dance pad. the arrows go to the beat of the song being playd. hence the name.

ddr requires good coordination, good rhythm, and somewhat good physical shape

contrary to what some people may believe, being able to play this game does not mean u can dance. it just means u have rhythm. the closest one can get to being able to actually dance through ddr is freestyling.

the majority of people who criticize ddr are classified under 1 of 2 categories
1. never playn it, just hate on it cause alot of ppl are really into it and they say it looks/sounds stupid
2. playn it and suck monkey balls at it so they just hate on it
im a total DDR freak

DDR is like a drug, once u get hooked, its hard to get off. and it drains ur money like a mofo.
by Totallybastos March 14, 2005
Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or German Democratic Republic- the Communist former East Germany which existed from 1949 to 1991.
The DDR was part of the Eastern Bloc.
by Johac February 08, 2009
1. (noun) A dancing simulation game. Originally from Japan, the point of the game is to step on 4 flashing panels (up, down, left, and right) in time to music that the game plays.

2. (verb) to play Dance Dance Revolution.
1) I got bored the other day, so I invited some friends over for some DDR.

2) We didn't feel like doing anything special, so we just chilled, DDRed, and played cards all day.
by DanceDre February 22, 2004
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