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Keeper of the pies
Jellyrolled eats the pie.
by Pants July 10, 2003
Cool Dancing game in which you dance... to techno... mmm didder...
I was just pwned by that d00d on DDR!
by pants March 20, 2005
a really fat, ugly, hairy, smelly, noisy, disgusting, mean, green sausage thief.
Hey, that gigglee stole my sausage!
by Pants August 15, 2003
The letter "r"
OMG d00d T|-|4t |20x0|2'd 2 th4 m4x!
by pants May 01, 2003
\Tit"ty wrin·kle\, n.

A little teat or nipple with a small furrow, ridge, or crease caused by crumpling, folding, or shrinking.

--Derived from the greek word, "wrinklius nipplus."
Subject 1: (in a deep voice) "Thank you for choosing Del Taco, I'm a big homofag ready to take your order."

Subject 2: (in an even deeper voice) "Hi, uh, I'd like one good ass fucking and a titty wrinkle. That'll do it."
by pants September 17, 2004
lesbian, cunt-licker, liberal bitch, carpet muncher, cracked out hoe that likes girls, femi-nazi
"Chloe, guess what... I"m gay"
by pants April 26, 2004

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