db an acronym for the words "drunk bitch"
daniella parra

wow, look at that db falling down the stairs!!
by the kid125 June 03, 2006
Short for "duck and bolt". Find cover and run like hell.
"DB nigga!"

"Soon as we get to those cars, duck and bolt"
by KaFeen November 30, 2006
db (pronounced dee-bee) is the ultimate power word, used for expressing absolutely any emotion at all. It can be a compliment, a sign of distress, a negative or affirmative response, a greeting or a comeback. It can replace any word in the dictionary and still have the same meaning.

It is a well known fact that the popular abbreviation was actually derived from the phase "dickhead-bitches", yelled uncontrollably by an anonymous person filmed on the 20/20 TV documentary special about Tourette’s Syndrome.

The symbol “db” can be also be recreated by curling ones hands into “d” and “b” shapes. To do this, you curl your index fingers towards your thumbs and extend your middle finger, then twist your wrists to face each other, making both of your middle fingers touch each other. This ganglike symbol can be flashed at someone as an alternative to pronouncing the words dee and bee, and is often used in situations where silence is compulsory (eg. funerals, librarys and movie theatres).

Following the success of ‘db’, many other two letter abbreviations have been formed, often rhyming with the ‘b’ for ‘db’. Some examples of these are: “nb”, “cb”, and “jc”, although the definitions of these letters are highly classified and only known by a selected few.
Man to wife: I like you, lets db

Campbell during fishing trip: man i feel so db, lets get blazed

Henry the hedge hog: Did you see that? Did you see how fast I was going? YeYa, I am the best db the world has seen!
by i_love_nb October 11, 2006
See Dark Basic A programming language used on Computers to make 3d objects
I just got Dark Basic :D
by Mike Gowland July 29, 2004
The most uberest person in the world. He owns everyone.
Damn, DB pwnz all you muther fuckerz!
by LoF December 05, 2003
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