abbreviation for Dumb-bell (such as those found at a gym)
"I can DB press 75 lbs at 8 reps baby!"
"Do 10 DB curls for one set. Perform three sets."
by Spottydog March 16, 2008
Downblouse: the view down a girls shirt, showing off her cleavage.
Dude, check out the DB on that waitress.
by Soeumundur May 02, 2007
short for "dirty baby." a popular term to describe white trash. classic "db" colors are blaze orange and walmart blue.
That woman is sporting a mullet and spandex, she is clearly DB.
by angry gn0me October 25, 2007
Acronym for Davis Besse Anuclear power plant in Oak Harbor, OH
While wearing his hat that was emblazoned with a DB my friend was mistakenly called a Douche Bag
by ksuflash November 15, 2006
Short for "Dick Beater".
At summer camp, everyone called Jackson a DB.
by JT RO March 07, 2007
A douchebag, something to call a person that you must really hate.
Man, you are such a freaken D.B.
by Punany October 29, 2006
db an acronym for the words "drunk bitch"
daniella parra

wow, look at that db falling down the stairs!!
by the kid125 June 03, 2006

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