Condensed ascii phallus. See also 8==D~
STFU dikc magnet!!!!!!1 db db db 8=======D~
by dbwang January 28, 2003
Meaning - Dumb Blonde.. but can be also used as dumb black, dumb brunette, but it mostly reffers to blondes
"He is such a db!"... or " DB!.. DB!"
by phillychummmzz July 20, 2006
1. Dumb Bastard
2. Idiot who can't do right
Dude your the biggest db I know.
by Lordloki June 16, 2005
abreviation of ''dum bum''
person 1: i thought we was goin france
person 2: we are paris is in france u db
by XxKatxX February 19, 2005
Referring to someone as the "Designated Bitch"
Dude, you're such a DB.
by Dave October 29, 2004
Anagram of Drummoyne Boys.
Man, DB crack me up to the shits. Stupid Lads.
by Larry the Lad December 16, 2004
he db
by nig August 31, 2003

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