An easy way to say, "Doing anything tonight?" or "doing anything today?" over IM or text message.
Kawala: Hey, dat?
Clyde: Nope. You?
Kawala: No..want to chill?
Clyde: Sure.
by LK94 April 28, 2010
person 1- How was dat party that last dogg?
person 2- dat shit was off da hook
by Nikki Dinch September 16, 2003
Derived from THAT.

Commonly used by those who are either too lazy to add the fourth letter, or teen homeboys and teenybopper girls who think that it 'iz totali awzum to speel inkorectly'. These people commonly listen to bastardised punk and 'NU Metal'
Man, dat Good Charlotte is totalli awzum!
by Toymaker April 24, 2005
Originally from the expression dat ass, in which the targeted female derriere is said to induce an emotional response of amazement and/or attraction.

The same principle applies, except the 'ass' is replaced by whatever object is source of the impression. Plural version can also be used ("dem ...", see Example 3).

Can also be used in a sarcastic way with respect to the above utilization. (See Example 4, 5)
Example 1:
"Hey man, have you seen this awesome dancer?"
"Oh wow, dat skill."

Example 2:
Friends watching Starcraft 2 streams:
"Dat micro"

Example 3:
When a new movie/video game is released with insane graphics:
"dat CG" or "dat graphics" or "dem graphics" (plural version)

Example 4:
Dota2/LoL context, when referring to a hero as being terrible/bad:
"dat <hero name here>"

Example 5:
When watching two snails racing against each other:
"dat speed"

Example 6:
Big boobs are being displayed.
"dem boobies"
by BlkBox December 03, 2012
a primitave version of the word 'that'
ook ook ooga munga dat
by Walnut March 03, 2004
used when people are too lazy to write "that"
Dat bitch be crazy!!
by Nexy October 12, 2007
is a short way of saying that mainly used in text messages. In miami fl its meaning is random..just pay attention to how its used in a sentence
example:you are walking down the street and your friends sees you..you are wearing new clothes so she says "dat"
by petergriffen1990 January 30, 2009
Dat = That
Despite popular opinion "dat" is not only used by "lazy people." Dat can be used by anyone online when the monotonous word "that" does not suffice to convey their excitement or appreciation.
by pineapplenoodle March 20, 2014

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