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a primitave version of the word 'that'
ook ook ooga munga dat
by Walnut March 03, 2004
a subject the government forces kids to do in order to 'keep fit.'
when in reality, it is just an excuse to hire stupid people who couldn't make it as a refuse collector, to teach.

This should be demoted to an extra curricular activity as it is an excuse for all the dumb people (who think fitness is everything and will get them a job) to enjoy themselves. If they want to do it, do it after school, or let me take a big axe into the lesson so it can become more fun.
wow, i be da loves of da P.E doesn't u, yo, init


ow man why you be hittin' me init


*sound of person going everywhere*
by Walnut March 03, 2004
a word placed at the end of a sentance, which is probably an incomprehensible one anyway, to make the speaker sound (cool/intelligent/fuckable) - delete as appropriate
waa man i is gonna kick yoooooor ass init
by Walnut March 03, 2004
A ... thing ... invented by James Brown, no, not the singer.

What you have to do is, turn a normal sentence into a perverse alternative.

When you do that, that phrase is now a brownerism
Person 1: Yea, I entered the event yesterday
Person 2: You entered <Insert A Person you hate/do not like>'s event
by Walnut March 03, 2004

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