Dat = That
Despite popular opinion "dat" is not only used by "lazy people." Dat can be used by anyone online when the monotonous word "that" does not suffice to convey their excitement or appreciation.
by pineapplenoodle March 20, 2014
Short for dat ass tho D= dat A=ass T=tho
Guy: D.A.T
Guy2: What
Guy: Dat ass tho!!
by HomeBoiiLeefer March 17, 2015
Don't ask, tell!
That DAT! "Don't Ask,Tell." Tell you are gay. Tell you are lesbian. Tell you are bisexual. Tell you are transgender. Tell you are LGBT. Love and being who you are is a human right.
by LGBT friend October 13, 2009
A woman's booty. Someone's goods
Dang, her dats are nice
by Riffenb June 04, 2015
Adjective that stands for Dumb Ass Thot. Often used towards women.
"Girl you nothin' more than a D.A.T."
"I got brain from this D.A.T. that looked like RG3"
by dubstation January 21, 2014
A slang word derived from the word "That". Usually typed in place of "That", for the reason that it is shorter. And it is used to look cool.
Dat party last night was off da hook!
by Agent Banana March 05, 2012
Commenly used by worthless niggers who can not spell or have any understanding of proper English.
Dat nigger is dumb as fuck!!
by Dirty Dan36 July 02, 2015

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