One of the wealthiest town's in the country, second only to a small suburb outside of D.C.
As in, Darien is wealthier than both Greenwhich and NC, so claiming its some "lesser" version is absurd and done by only those who are jealous of the lavish lifestyle of its residents.
by Al K. July 28, 2006
darien is a small town in connecticut, in fairfield county with an overwhelming population of the preppiest teenagers you can find, the most beautiful housewives and the richest men. country clubs, yacht clubs and beach clubs are abundant, and you are considered poor if you are not a member of one of these organizations where you often are not allowed without a collared shirt. darien is next to new canaan and near greenwich, westport and fairfield where the same kinds of people can be found at their waterfront mansions showing obscene wealth.

home to some of the most ridiculous house parties that would make college students jealous, darien also has some of the most worthless policemen alive, who do nothing but drive around and bust up a house party if they are in such a mood. polo, lacoste, burberry, louis vuitton, vineyard vines, gucci, and prada are some of the favorite brands of the teenagers there, many of whom must have been born with a lacrosse stick in their hands.

despite nonstop drinking and partying, darien high school students are often accepted at top ivy league and other colleges, or at least the ones who haven't already been shipped off to a boarding prep school such as Andover, Deerfield, Choate or Taft. the population of darien is arrogant as a whole, looking down on anyone with less money or intelligence or ability than they have. darieners spend their summers in nantucket, martha's vineyard, cape cod or block island at their second homes and their winters at their ski houses.
driving through darien on my way to the real world, i noticed teenagers driving BMWs, Jeeps, Audis, Mercedes Benzes and Lexuses, moms so hot that they could be in their 20s, and a ridiculous array of preppy teenagers and rich, conservative adults on their way to the golf course or the yacht.
A small city in CT filled with people who think they mean the world to everyone else. I live in darien, it sucks. But first of all not all of us are stuck up. There are a few, and I do mean few, good hearted people. But only a few. Most of what people think about bmw's being everywhere and people being brats is actually true, yaa it's depressing.

B: hey where u from, im from ny
A: oh thats sweet, im from darien
B:....ohh..darien, ya i heard of that place, u all snobby bi.tches huH?
A: ya most of us, not all tho
by hateonitnowornever January 20, 2011
A young gifted man that cares for everyone even his enemies. Always have been and always will be straight up and real, instead of fake. Darien's are usually black, pretty good looking and Loves Asian women. They usually contain a wide variety of talents such as beatboxing, singing, instrumental playing and sports like those who play golf. If pissed, stay out of his way, he may look weak and small but don't underestimate him, the day Darien's get pissed thats the day when judgement day comes. Although, They can be real suttle and chill at times. Also they can get a little 'too' happy therefore causing them to say something like "im gonna rape you" yet they don't mean it, around this time their hormones are stricken. In sexual terms they usually have the tendency to carry huge cocks up to 9 inches when in teenages and up to 16'' inches when fully grown male up to adult ages. They can be romantic and are great kissers. Also if married with wife and kids, can be the best father ever. May also have a strong connection with god.
Bill: Hey have you seen Darien lately?
Tom: No?
Bill: well you're missing out he's a great guy.
by James Toffler November 11, 2010
Original name of the isthmus of Panama. One of the first ships that landed in Panama was named after Saint Daria, and the region was then named Darien. Keats wrote a poem about Balboa crossing the Mountains of Darien to view the Pacific Ocean.
"He stared at the Pacific--and all his men

Looked at each other with a wild surmise

Silent upon a peak in Darien."
by NameScholar February 03, 2010
A city in CT (pronounced dairy anne) characterized by preppy douchebags, blonde girls with fake tans, and more wealth amassed than could ever be spent in a lifetime (though the inhabitants try very hard). Darien is NOT like every other city as some would have you believe, rather it is unique in its own self-righteous way. Teenagers in Darien usually have cars worth more than most people make in a year, popped collars, ugg boots and pink khaki shorts. Darien can't compete in any sport save lacrosse but the students are somehow under the impression that they're very good at everything. There's not much to do in Darien so weekends are mostly spent at lame house parties drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and getting high on overpriced drugs. Darienites claim to be very philanthropic but really most inhabitants don't know charity is. Living in Darien is like living in a bubble and as a high school student that moved in I find it amazing how detached from the real world these people are. Darienites can often be seen yelling things such as "GO BLUE WAVE!" or "BLUE WAVE FOR LIFE" or "IM GONNA POP MY COLLAR CUZ IM A PREPPY FUCKTARD!". Not a place that any reasonable person would want to live. If you masturbate with a lacrosse stick, own fifteen pairs of pink khaki pants, and blend money into your pancakes then Darien just might be the place for you.
Darienite: "People who criticize Darien are just jealous! BLUE WAVE FOR LIFE!!"

Everyone Else: "Shut the fuck up you self-righteous cuntsicle. Get off your high horse."
by Ab Antiquo November 26, 2011
One of the wealthiest towns in the country full of rich kids and their rich families. And not to mention all the kids are preppy, rich, fashionable, rich, rich, oh and rich! Stars such as Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace have lived in Darien. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston bought a house in Darien. One store in Darien, the Darien Sport Shop, was mentioned in one of the books from the "Gossip Girl" series. RICH PERSON TOWN, I TELL YOU!
According to Darien, Connecticut is the 82nd richest town in America.
by Dianne April 06, 2005

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