Tends to be overly dramatic, and gets frustrated real easy.
Whit guy who is very popular with the girls and gets whatever he wants from them.Can be the worst friend but the best boyfriend.When he is kind he is the most sweetest boy you can ever meet.
Boy #1: Why is he acting so butt hurt today?

Boy #2: That's just Darien.
by alexis.cerrato101 February 25, 2010
Top Definition
Can be a name for a male of female

normaly they are
not too shabby looking
awesome hair
has some evil stowed upon them but when a nice sweet short girl walks up all the evil seems to dissapear and they seem to have a sort of light come out in them
Darien's are normally amazing friends and will be there when you need them and sometimes need a little looking after. they have amazing hair and are alot of fun to talk to and are really funny
that kid right there is a real Darien
by The Amazing Dani June 18, 2008
A small town located in the southwestern corner of Connecticut. Darien is situated in Fairfield County, which contains some of the most wealthy and impoverished towns and cities in the entire country. Statistically, the majority of the town is W.A.S.P.y (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), although there is the occasional Jew or Asian around. Most adolescent Darien residents identify strongly with their town, whose mascot is the "Blue Wave", and aren't even offended when outsiders call them "D-Baggers". Darien is very well-known for its lacrosse team, which has accomplished infinite success in the past. Most teens attend Darien High School, which can barely be considered a public school. Those who do not attend 'the high school' are shipped off to some of the most elite boarding schools in New England, such as Loomis Chaffee, Exeter, Deerfield, and Rosemary Choate. Those who choose to live at home will attend any of the local private schools, including Brunswick, St. Luke's School, Greenwich Academy, Fairfield Preparatory, Greens Farms Academy, or Convent of the Sacred Heart. On the whole, Darienites define themselves by their material wealth, which is usually reflected by their country club membership(s), home size and location, number and brand of cars owned, and quality of their wardrobe. Darien is most well-known for its coastal areas, which are monopolized by those who live in such private associations as Tokeneke, Noroton Bay, and Delafield Island, to name a few. Those who are raised in Darien generally begin drinking and experimenting with narcotics before they begin high school, which is probably why so many of them are sent to rehab or receive DUIs before they go off to college. Despite all of this, Darien teens have a glorious time in high school. In fact, most pride themselves on how much they can drink, which is a considerable amount. In terms of what there is to do, many individuals choose to go into New York City on the weekends, where most of their parents work during the week. O.A.R., Dave Matthews, and moe. concerts in the city are a town-wide event. Norwalk and Stamford are the two cities that neighbor Darien, and are (for the most part) dangerous and horrible places that are only worthwhile for the mall and a couple movie theaters. If you ever want an idea of the "Darien Dress Code", walk into the Darien Sport Shop, which is equipped with a Burberry section, a Ralph Lauren Polo Room, an extensive Vineyard Vines selection, a Lily Pulitzer area, and an array of over-priced skis, snowboards, lacrosse equipment, and Northface apparel. In any case, Darien is not the real world, which is why it is such a perfect bubble!
Tom: Hey, I'm from Darien, how about you?
Harry: I'm from Fairfield County too!
Tom: Really? Where?
Harry: I'm from Norwalk.
Tom: I see... Oh, look, there's my driver!

Kerry: Sally, where do you belong?
Sally: Tokeneke Club, and you?
Kerry: Weeburn... my parents didn't bother with the beach club.
by Caitlin Roster April 03, 2007
Great guy, An amazing boyfriend. One who you can feel comfortable talking to about anything. One who is willing to change his life (in a better way) for you. The guy who gives you butterflies everytime you see his name. The guy who treats you like you deserve to me treated. The guy who makes you the happiest girl on earth. The guy who loves you for you. The guy who you would want to spend the rest of your life with even after knowing him for just over 4 months. The most amazing guy on this earth <3
I am so in love with Darien. He's my forever.
by babygirl316.kt August 05, 2011
The most beautiful girl ever. She is the best thing that will ever happen to you. She's very out-going. And has a smile that can lighten up your day. Don't ever let her go. For God help your soul, just don't let her go. <3
Boy; Dude, my girlfriend is such a Darien
Boy 2; She is bro!
by Gurro December 12, 2010
A beautiful girl who's cute (even though she won't admit it), short, curvy, awesome, funny, nice, sarcastic, slightly ghetto fabulous when the time calls for it, fiercely protective of her friends, and just way cool all the way around. People need to f-ing realize what they're missing out on when they don't take her friendship seriously. SO TAKE SOME FUCKING NOTICE! And men, man up and grow a pair and ASK HER OUT!!!
Eli: Dude, that girl is so fine. She has to be a Darien.
Vinny: I know right? Damn...
by EveyLove April 28, 2010
A stunningly beautiful woman. Gorgeous. Unusual. Rare. Possessing godess like qualities. Unrivaled in beauty with a stong sexual attractiveness. Darien's are usually dark in hair color, but came come in blonde. The blondes tend to be much more flirtacious and daring than their dark haired counterparts and have the ability to drive men wild. Keep hold of your heart, Darien's take their time in the "love" department. They have a great sense of humor but take themselves seriously. They have a big bill to fill and they know it! Darien's rarely disappoint in any area. If you know one, don't let go. You are the luckiest of men.
Now that is some serious Darien e-sizzle...Red mallard that shit....eye boner....damn!
by The Dr. is in September 26, 2011
A small town in between Norwalk and Stamford (the ghettos of fairfiled county) consisting of rich family's that own a boat, belong to a summer club and have homes in Vermont and a summer getaway such as Block Island, Nantucket, Cape Cod, the Hamptons and Maine. All the teenagers wear Juicy Couture, Polo, Lacoste, and many different brands of jeans that cost about 200$ each. The moms all have blonde or dirty brown hair and have gorgous bodies. The husbands all work in NYC as CEO's or major corporate owners. All of the toddlers wear designer clothes like polo, mini ribbon belts and little Lilly Pulitzer sun dresses. On the weekends the teens have nothing to do so they spend there nights out late on the post road at restaurants like COSI or Post corner Pizza. And after dinner witht he girls and boyfriends you would catch a movie at the Darien Playhouse where there is only 2 screening rooms. The moms are always waiting by the phone for their children to call for them to pick them up. The mothers live to serve their children and teens. Darien is 99% white and 1% black. In every grade there is only about 3 black children that have moved from either stamford, norwalk or greenwich. In the spare time of most high schoolers they will design there own jewelry and spend long hours at chikaboom, wishlist and the darien sport shop buying all designer clothes and searching through the many designs of Vineyard Vines bags. Lacrosse is a major sport in darien, you will get started playing at around the age of 6 or 7 and will go all the way to the high school team and then go to an IVEY league college to play. Other sports consist of swimming, water polo, gymnastics, feild hockey, skiing and sailing. Darien is a world of its own in the middle of the world. A bubble in the universe.
Darien= The Stepford Wives (the movie was actually filmed in Darien and was based on Darien.
by Haley Ruehle July 29, 2006
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