Desi American Princess. Similar to a JAP, but from India/Pakistan.
Priya is a total D.A.P.
by aaaaggg September 05, 2008
DAP, or Double Anal Penetration as Its known, Is the art of sticking two penises into one Anus (Male of Female is irrelevant)
Jim: Hey Cindy fancy some DAP fun with me and Jeff
Cindy: Hell Yeah, get those dicks and stick them both in my tiny little shit box
Jeff: Oh Yeah baby!
by SovietSpaghetti July 18, 2016
Slapping palms as a form of greeting a friend and then holding their hand as you pull your fingers back until it makes a snapping sound.
Dap me up!
by Cluqueto January 21, 2015
1) A mixture of a dab, which is a popular dance move created by ILoveMemphis/IHeartMemphis, and a fap, which is the extremely horrible and annoying sound a person makes with his/her cheeks.

The fap can also mean a person clapping his/her hands by touching the edge of a palm with the middle point of the other palm once or many times sarcastically in an insane speed.

How to Dap: Look down and face the side. Put both your hands behind your head (basically, at the other side) and near your cheeks, and start clapping really fast (doesn't matter if its loud).
Optinal: Make a weird face

2) The shorter form for dapper

E.g. Mom: You look so dap today

John: Oh, thanks mom.
Jeff: Dude, can you teach me how to dance?
John: Yeah sure, just follow me and dap. *daps as a demonstration*
Jeff: Cool dance move!
by OmegaAlph June 05, 2016
Dirty Ass Pussy, When that ratchet ass bitch don't clean her shit.
Quagmire: Bitch you got that DAP.
Lois: What's that?
Quagmire: That DIRTY ASS PUSSY!
by EGOR June 01, 2014
daps: root dap; spitting tobacco also known as dip. only for bros
Me:Yo bro lets go and dap we still have 20 minutes before next class.
Friend:i dont have any bro
Me:ah well im getting daps after school
by guba r October 07, 2010
A saying used to express blatant disbelief. Used in a similar fashion as the term "Yeah right."
Williard: "Yeah, I jumped a 50 foot gap on my dirt bike yesterday, it was awesome.
Matt: DAP!!!
by Matthew J. Pumperton January 07, 2008
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