Slapping palms as a form of greeting a friend and then holding their hand as you pull your fingers back until it makes a snapping sound.
Dap me up!
by Cluqueto January 21, 2015
Dirty Ass Pussy, When that ratchet ass bitch don't clean her shit.
Quagmire: Bitch you got that DAP.
Lois: What's that?
Quagmire: That DIRTY ASS PUSSY!
by EGOR June 01, 2014
A saying used to express blatant disbelief. Used in a similar fashion as the term "Yeah right."
Williard: "Yeah, I jumped a 50 foot gap on my dirt bike yesterday, it was awesome.
Matt: DAP!!!
by Matthew J. Pumperton January 07, 2008
To promote the acknowldgement of a word, phrase, or act of awesomeness to the proper host.
Luke: "bro check out"
Ryan: "funny shit yo"
Ryan: "Hey bromontana check out"
Ryan2: "Ah thats awesome!"
Ryan: Yeah! Daps to Luke for showing me that.
by Brobi wan Kanobi December 06, 2010
daps: root dap; spitting tobacco also known as dip. only for bros
Me:Yo bro lets go and dap we still have 20 minutes before next class.
Friend:i dont have any bro
Me:ah well im getting daps after school
by guba r October 07, 2010
popular street phrase used as a greeting/acknowledgement/encouragement, means "down about peeps."
yo you just made 300 dollars? DAPS FOO!
by pvice June 23, 2003
=dank ass purple shit
DUDE! i just got some daps.
by zwooj October 27, 2010

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