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(Day) (After) (Poops)
this is what you will get from eating some bad food the previous day, whether some mexican food, or a $1.99 buffet that keeps you on the throne for most of the day
1. "oh man that buffet in vegas was so cheap, glad I saved a couple of bucks"
2. "yea but were gonna have the DAPs all day tomorrow"
3. "damn, well cleans ya out good"
by Dark_Mark August 06, 2009
17 43
Items worn by most to protect the feet. Commonly refered to as SHOES. Can be used to any type of footwear other than slippers (sneakers, boots, sandles, etc.)
Yo wait up Larry! I cut the back of my daps off in order to achieve a hipper look before venturing out this evening. Now they keep dropping off my dang feet.
by melvin cottervich January 24, 2007
25 55
An acronym for "dry anal powerslam", which is rough anal sex with no lubrication used.
I DAP'd this chick last night and now we're both raw as hell.
by Mr. Hack'em July 23, 2005
817 849
Dumb Ass Piece of Shit usually given to someone who commonly makes stupid decisions.
Person 1: Who is that over there talking to them 16 year old chicks?
Person 2: That's DAPS he's always doing that shit.
by kay yow January 30, 2009
7 41
what bristol folk call trainers or sneakers in the US.
'yo gashead, nice daps.'
by thee old boozerooney May 13, 2004
47 83
An acronym standing for Dry Anal Power Slam. An act where you thrust into the anal cavity without any warning or, most importantly, lube.
Kyle, if you dont stop sassing me, im going to DAPS you in your sleep.
by Nick Schwartz January 24, 2008
21 58
a term to describe dutch apple pies from mcdonalds
can i get a big mac and two daps please
by bmfs August 04, 2007
7 46