Canvas shoes, also known as pumps, gym shoes and plimsolls. Used throughout South Wales in the 60's and still in use. Origin unknown, but definitely not from 'Dunlop Athletic Plimsoles'. Dying out as a word mainly because the item itself has been replaced by the ubiquitous trainer.
"I wish we didn't have to wear daps for gym. They just don't look cool."
by knebworth pedant December 06, 2011
daps stands for digitally accentuated pounding system. The system was invented in the 1960's for greetings where two people fist bump in a variety of individual styles and manners.
Yo shawty gimme some daps (complicated greeting ensues).
by TDiddle April 16, 2009
Def: Bounce (skim, skip).
Like a stone skipping across the water

Like, when an NHL player scores a goal, and he skates along side the players' bench his gloved fist bumps off all his teammates' gloves, that's a DAP.
by juandfuca April 17, 2012
The art of enjoying drinks and appetizers with friends.
I'd rather dap than have a full meal before a night out.
by Sweet Trince January 16, 2012
(Day) (After) (Poops)
this is what you will get from eating some bad food the previous day, whether some mexican food, or a $1.99 buffet that keeps you on the throne for most of the day
1. "oh man that buffet in vegas was so cheap, glad I saved a couple of bucks"
2. "yea but were gonna have the DAPs all day tomorrow"
3. "damn, well cleans ya out good"
by Dark_Mark August 06, 2009
Items worn by most to protect the feet. Commonly refered to as SHOES. Can be used to any type of footwear other than slippers (sneakers, boots, sandles, etc.)
Yo wait up Larry! I cut the back of my daps off in order to achieve a hipper look before venturing out this evening. Now they keep dropping off my dang feet.
by melvin cottervich January 24, 2007
An acronym for "dry anal powerslam", which is rough anal sex with no lubrication used.
I DAP'd this chick last night and now we're both raw as hell.
by Mr. Hack'em July 23, 2005

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