digital authentication protocol

a greeting mechanism that can consist of or combine multiple methods of hand based interaction (e.g. handshake/fistbump)
long time bro. yo, gimme some dap
by takitus September 19, 2013
If one person's ass is penetrated by two objects, it is generically called double anal penetration (sometimes abbreviated dp).

Double-Double: Multiple penetration by four penises. Two penises in the mouth and anus simultaneously.

Triple-Double: Multiple penetration by six penises. Two penises in the mouth, vagina, and anus simultaneously.

Mark and John will D.A.P. her ass!
Mark and John will D.A.P. his ass!
by sweet11fiftyseven August 15, 2008
The act of taking a nap after consuming too many dabs (BHO Wax/Shatter, Concentrates)
After three dabs, Johnny and Bonnie fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. They felt refreshed after their dap.
by daboet April 02, 2015
handshake which is the act of putting your fingers together and moving your hand up and down three, count em, three times and then usually pounding fists. he recipient does the same thing only the opposite way.
bangla and scoon: *daps and pounds*
by squidpoon May 24, 2012
Desi American Princess. Similar to a JAP, but from India/Pakistan.
Priya is a total D.A.P.
by aaaaggg September 05, 2008
Dirty Ass Pussy, When that ratchet ass bitch don't clean her shit.
Quagmire: Bitch you got that DAP.
Lois: What's that?
Quagmire: That DIRTY ASS PUSSY!
by EGOR June 01, 2014
A saying used to express blatant disbelief. Used in a similar fashion as the term "Yeah right."
Williard: "Yeah, I jumped a 50 foot gap on my dirt bike yesterday, it was awesome.
Matt: DAP!!!
by Matthew J. Pumperton January 07, 2008

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