If one person's ass is penetrated by two objects, it is generically called double anal penetration (sometimes abbreviated dp).

Double-Double: Multiple penetration by four penises. Two penises in the mouth and anus simultaneously.

Triple-Double: Multiple penetration by six penises. Two penises in the mouth, vagina, and anus simultaneously.

Mark and John will D.A.P. her ass!
Mark and John will D.A.P. his ass!
by sweet11fiftyseven August 15, 2008
Old fashioned running shoe, plimsol, pump.
Derived from an advertisment for Dunlop Athletic Plimsols' but now a common term for sports shoes and trainers in parts of England and Wales.
Teacher to class: "get your daps on" (hurry up).
Also, 'diahorrea' is shit with daps on....
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
Double Anal Penetration , Two penis in your ass
Nataly gold was DAP ed and manhandles
by David Muller johnson May 12, 2015
Double anal penetration
Me and my friend gave that whore a DAP yesterday.
by TheOtus April 03, 2015
The act of taking a nap after consuming too many dabs (BHO Wax/Shatter, Concentrates)
After three dabs, Johnny and Bonnie fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. They felt refreshed after their dap.
by daboet April 02, 2015
handshake which is the act of putting your fingers together and moving your hand up and down three, count em, three times and then usually pounding fists. he recipient does the same thing only the opposite way.
bangla and scoon: *daps and pounds*
by squidpoon May 24, 2012
To slap your penis on an unsuspecting victim's head, often done in college settings. This is generally done when the victim is sleeping, in a distracted state, (studying, eating, watching TV, etc.) or passed out due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Paul is passed out on the couch. Someone should go dap him!
by craniac24 January 14, 2016
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