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Phrase meaning that one will "fight" someone for no apparent reason.
Bob: Oh my god, that Dwight Howard is a fucking beast.
Joe: I'll fight em.

Tom: Dane Cook is a bad actor.
John: I'll fight em.

Kay: My boss is so unfair. I don't think he'll ever give me a promotion.
Ron: I'll fight em.
by Galbert-Kun February 21, 2009
a loud proclamation said by someone when it is their birthday, usually highlighted by said someone forcing a door open with their foot
It was quiet in the house, when all of a sudden Steve busted the door open and yelled :

"it's my birthday NIGGA."

Everyone immediately gave Steve all their money from their respective wallets.
by Galbert-Kun April 04, 2009
Expression said by a person who purposely mistakes the opposite sex's age.
Hey girl, how old are you?
I'm 16- oh 18?
by Galbert-Kun April 23, 2009
a hot, fat chick
"What's wrong baby buff?"

"Look at all dem baby buffs in the club right now."

"What to choose, what to choose, a baby girl or a baby buff? What you think, fellas?"
by Galbert-Kun March 25, 2009
Slang term meaning "We're the best."; can also mean that one is of the highest authority.
We MOB now mayne.
by Galbert-Kun January 28, 2009
the knocking of fist in the most nerdiest way possible
"What is up Melvin? WoW tonight? Swell, let's dap it up."

"Yo Kane, what it do big homie? Dap me up nigga!"

"WTF? does dis nigga think he is a blood?! I aint seen dat nigga dap it once during his initiation. Kill dis dapless dapping mafucka!"

by Galbert-Kun April 06, 2009

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