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the ultimate epitomy of guy. hes the best. the best kinds have browny black hair and blue eyes. they complete you. they get your heart and hold it forever. often asociated with penguins. the gaps between his fingers are best filed with the hand of another.
damn i love danny he is the best. im glad he's mine.
by Amber-x January 20, 2009
Someone with supreme authority. Who sees all and knows all.
Danny is watching you.
by Loxville September 03, 2006
The most amazing guy in the universe, If you took all the stars in the sky and put them together, It still wouldn't shine as bright as his smile does, Danny is the type of guy you'll fall fast and hard for, And you'll never regret it. He's romantic, sweet, gorgeous, funny, and thoughtful. He's unforgettable.
He's the boy of anyone and everyone's dreams. He'll be your knight in shining armour, Your prince. He's all you'll ever want and everything you never knew you needed.
You'll love Danny with all of your heart.
Oh man, See that handsome looking foo' over dere? That nigga so perfect he GOTTA be a Danny!!

He's so sweet and perfect and everything I could ever want..<3(:
YEAH SHUT UP. You got a Danny lucky bitch.:P
by CeeCee(: November 13, 2010
A name for people with really different but yet lovable personalities.
My boyfriend is such a danny!
by adrenalin3 April 26, 2009
Someone who sleeps in till at least 1pm. Someone who hibernates. A grizzly bear.
When is that Danny gonna wake up?

Of course Danny is still asleep.

1. Where is he?
2. He's being a Danny.
by six-two April 03, 2009
Danny is the term used when someone plays a guitar with his penis and you cum in your paints.
Girl: OMG! you know how to play guitar.

Guy: Yeah, you want me to play for you.

Girl: Please!!

Guy: Alright, I got something special for you.

-Guy whips his thick dick starts playing danny style-

Girl: ohhhh hhhmmmm uuuhhh hhhmmm uh uh uh uhhhhh ohhh my god!!!
by rabbitboy January 29, 2009
this name is the best of the best, it describes one of such magnitude that it can't compare with any name.
the name Danny kicks ass.
by swanton111 June 13, 2011