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Danny is the best guy a girl could have. Dont lose your danny or you will regret it. Eventually you gonna be able to marry this handsome,sweet,caring man.

The kinda guy you will spend the rest of your life with.
I love my danny ,he is amazing
by weirdamazingme October 15, 2011
26 5
The Guy that can Have you just at one kiss. The guy that you can find in any romance movie ..the guy that can makes you feel like if your in your own movie. every moment is unforgettable, unbelievable,unimaginable... he has a beautiful smile that can bring you up at any moment at any time. Whisper any combination of words into your ear and can bring chills down your spine. has the ability to make you feel beautiful every night . just one hug and your in the most safest place in the world. just one push of the play button and you know its gonna be an unforgettable night hence why the only scars he has are the ones on his back.. People underestimate him because they don't know him. he doesnt let anyone know him thats his own little side game, if your the one next to him(by his side) it could be very entertaining to watch...many girls will soon realize that they're real regret is that they let him go Apart from being a handful (more ways than one) He's the Best thing that can ever walk in and out of your life. . . Over all the perfect man to marry but only at the age of 76 some where half way across the world. Real Definition of Danny.. The Best I've Ever Had .

On a side note his Girlfriend is a whole different can of whoop ass so don't even try it ladies.
Danny does it right .. all night .
by BestYouEverHadAgain January 24, 2012
20 2
The most wonderful person in the world. May mess around with other girls but if he reallly loves you he will do everything he can to make you happy. The best friend a girl can have. Ignores others who make fun of him and is very sporty.
Guy: Danny is such a tool!

Girl: Shut up! He's the best person ever!
by Miss Scar June 27, 2011
22 6
1) To analyze and think way to much about what others are doing and thinking.
2) To possess the skill to look like you are busy when in all reality nothing really is getting done.

3) To constantly think that others are always mad or upset with you in some way.
"I just cannot help but to danny everytime I am around her. I don't know what I did wrong."
by The MI Shocker December 03, 2013
16 0
a bad boy. A Danny doesn't show many emotions, but lets them out through his mistakes. He uses most of his time up in detention and the other half at home taking caring of twelve or so younger siblings. He will do anything to make a situation funny and has a hard time commiting to things. He is mysterious and attracts many girls..who he does't know even exist.
Whoa!That was funny, Danny.
by angelinarelix123 April 01, 2011
24 11
people called danny are the nicest people around, super kind and funny.
Danny lovegrove.
by dannylover November 22, 2011
16 4
danny can sometimes be mean but can be a total sweetie. he loves to funny and quirky. he texts girls a lot but that doesn't mean he's a player. he got one of those baby faces that's so cute and he's just the best guy friend you'd probably ever have.
person 1-hey what's that guy doing
person 2- texting like 3 girls

person 1- wow his such a danny
by i luv to laugh December 08, 2011
11 2