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Verb. Shortened form of female ejaculation
Ed) Hey dude when I went down on ma bitch last night she totally fejjed all over my face
Bob) You the man! *High five*
by Bobisdabest May 22, 2005
Neoprene hat used in water sports to keep your head warm. So called because it makes you look like a gimp
Its freezing today, better wear my gimp hat when I go down that river!
by Bobisdabest May 22, 2005
Whike wanking, press and hold in the perineum when about to ejaculate.This results in no mess as cum is reverted into the bladder. Posher than a posh wank
Johnny:Got any kleenex?
Bill:Sorry mate
Johnny: No worries mate, I ll have an Inny wank
by Bobisdabest May 22, 2005
To hook up with, get together with, pull.

Derived from Spanish slang: ligar
Hey dude, see that chick?
Ye man, she hottt!
I think I might ligate her tonight!
by Bobisdabest May 22, 2005
Good From Far Away
Term used for a girl that looks good at a distance, but when u get closer, she UGLY!!

Commonly this girl has a good body but god-awful face!
Hey dude see that chick? She hot!
(Get closer)
Oh my god! She mings!!! She just GFFA
by Bobisdabest May 21, 2005
Stinky stinky boy. Commonly used as an insult
Boy! Dan is sooooooooooooooooooo stinky!
by Bobisdabest May 21, 2005

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